Our funding priorities

While School of Civil Engineering, USM is poised to lead the way in preparing engineers to address critical issues, student demand is quickly surpassing capacity. The following priorities will enable School of Civil Engineering, USM to accommodate even more deserving students:

  • Facilities improvements and Expansion

    The School is always seeking unrestricted support to help improve existing facilities such as student learning center, common space area, laboratory facilities enhancement and etc.

  • Student support, development and mobility

    Financial assistance to students in need to ensure financial pressures and unmet needs do not affect their academic performance.

    Funding for various student development activities including leadership training, career placement and entrepreneurship programmes, site visit and etc.

    Mobility program overseas to offers students an opportunity to undergo experiential learning programme for the duration of 10 to 14 days. Students will be exposed to what host university has to offer and the cultural heritage of the country.

  • Special Project (e.g. Class of 2000-2004 project fund)

    Alumni’s initiative based on specific batch fund raising activities in contributing towards the sustainability of the School of Civil Engineering